Great teams don’t just happen. Authentic teamwork is built upon commitment, trust, collaboration, and competence – qualities that can only be developed with considerable effort over time. TEAMPOWER® accelerates the process, helping teams transform from ordinary to extraordinary. Teams emerge from the learning experience with a fresh sense of direction and practical strategies for working together more effectively.


Who Should Attend: Team leaders and team members from all types of organizations
Group Size: 6 or more participants
Duration: 3 days


Focal Points

  • Group development
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Problem solving
  • Group decision making
  • Communication
  • Managing conflict

Key Benefits

  • Acquire and develop group process skills
  • Learn how to encourage innovation and implement new work strategies
  • Understand how to communicate and collaborate
  • Identify and work to resolve blockages to team performance
  • Discover how to boost team spirit, camaraderie, and commitment
  • Develop strategies to improve productivity and work satisfaction