Waterfall Advisory Group is aligned with experienced and resourceful business partners to support us in providing the array of tools and services needed to address the complexity and quantity of your needs.



BullseyeEngagement is a leading global management solutions company that optimizes the employee and operational performance of organizations. Using advanced cloud based technology; Bullseye provides trendsetting, non-form based systems for the measurement of employee and organizational performance.

Organizational Learning Systems (OLS)

OLS have been pioneers in the organizational and leadership development industry for decades. Working in Energy, Retail, Hospitality, and Education, OLS delivers a comprehensive series of programs and tools utilized across all levels of industry and organizations.

OEC²Solutions, LLC

Organization Effectiveness Consulting & Coaching Solutions, LLC is a full-service management consulting, corporate training and executive coaching firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our company is focused in 2 areas: strategy and people. Our integrated suite of consulting, training and coaching solutions bridge the gap between organizational strategy and people to drive business performance and results for organizations and individuals.

St. Piran Group

St. Piran Group was founded on the belief that successful companies not only have a well articulated strategy, they also have an organization that can effectively execute and produce the desired results.  We do this by engaging and enabling our clients’ employees to organically incorporate the strategy into their day-to-day operations, in other words: by Operationalizing the Strategy.