Partnering, a synergistic alliance between two organizations – external or internal – can lead to greater productivity, reduced costs, and increased marketplace value for both parties involved. To be successful, however, these coalitions require a high degree of trust, a strong desire for mutual gains, and extensive information sharing. PartnerPower® provides tools and insights for building relationships between two organizations in a logical, efficient way. The program challenges participants to discuss real issues face-to-face, think outside the box, and create a mutually rewarding strategy that delivers high-quality outcomes.


Who Should Attend: Individuals from supplier/customer organizations, whether external or internal
Group Size: 12 or more participants
Duration: 2 days
Cost of Materials: $265/per participant

Focal Points

  • Helps participants understand the meaning of partnering and its benefits
  • Assesses the current state of the partnering relationship
  • Provides a model for effective partnering relationships
  • Helps partners to develop a joint vision and common goals
  • Provides tools for creating a joint action plan

Key Benefits

  • Identifies a process for developing and maintaining the partnership
  • Builds a higher level of mutual trust
  • Provides essential communication skills needed to build and maintain a partnering relationship
  • Develops joint vision and common goals
  • Enables planning for appropriate benefits