From resolving misunderstandings with teammates to negotiating the terms of a contract, we’re all faced with the need to influence others. Mastering the skill of assertive communication, however, takes time and practice. Influencing With Assertive Communication™ develops the skills that individuals need to express themselves directly and honestly, while preserving relationships and respecting the rights of others.


Who Should Attend: Anyone who wants to master the skill of assertive communication
Group Size: 6 or more participants
Duration: 1 day or 2 half-days
Participant Guide: $160.00

Focal Points

  • Provides strategies for handling feedback
  • Enables use of effective techniques demonstrated by assertive communicators
  • Builds confidence in communicating assertively and effectively

Key Benefits

  • Explores the benefits as well as limitations of different influence styles
  • Identifies personal influence style
  • Teaches skills for analyzing situations and stating personal position
  • Demonstrates the importance of non-verbal communication and its impact